North Country Supervisory Union


Superintendent Elaine Collins

A Northeast Kingdom native, Elaine has been working in the Vermont educational field, in a variety of

roles, for 32 years. She started out in various support staff roles, then moved into teaching before

transitioning into educational leadership through consulting work and then as a school principal, which

she has done for the past 12 years. The Board is confident in her ability to lead the charge at NCSU and to continue our commitment to the development of Character, Competence, Creativity, and Community based on the following attributes:

             1. Ms. Collins' knowledge, experience, and passion for the region and its people and her ability to form meaningful and collaborative relationships with all stakeholders.

             2. Her work ethic and her desire to balance her personal and professional life while maintaining a deep commitment to our community.

             3. Her ability to receive input from many sources and meld the advice, concerns, requests,

             endorsements, and recommendations of others into a decision she can commit to.