North Country Supervisory Union

Central Office Staff

North Country Supervisory Union Central Office Staff

The following are employees of North Country Supervisory Union.

To reach any of these individuals please call 334-5847 and the extension listed with their name.

If you are unsure of who you need to speak with, press Ext. 0 for the Receptionist.

Superintendent's Office

Superintendent of Schools

John A. Castle (, Ext. 2025

The North Country Supervisory Union Superintendent works with school principals to coordinate the activities of all SU school boards. The Superintendent works directly with principals and/or board chairs to carry out individual board responsibilities and provides input and direction to principals in the preparation of agendas. The Superintendent works with local administrators to carry out all decisions made by the school directors and attends all board meetings, pending need and availability. The Superintendent supervises the Director of Business, Director and Associate Director of Special Education, Director of Learning Design, the NCUHS management team, and school principals. The NCSU Superintendent identifies supervisory union educational goals and objectives and prepares plans to achieve those goals and objectives for adoption by the school board, while working to develop common board policies throughout the supervisory union. The Superintendent responds to concerns and requests from parents and the community.

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Schools

Liz Butterfield (, Ext. 2025

The NCSU Executive Assistant to the Superintendent supervises and coordinates the efficient workflow of the school system relative to the duties of the Superintendent, performs all secretarial and confidential work as assigned by the Superintendent and supervises the activities of all other secretarial and clerical personnel assigned to the Superintendent's office. The Executive Assistant supervises and assists in the preparation of all correspondence and reports emanating from the Superintendent's office and processes incoming correspondence, maintaining orderly files of all records associated with the Office of the Superintendent, including a short term and long term filing system and a set of locked confidential files, and maintains the Home School database. The Executive Assistant places and receives telephone calls and records messages for the Superintendent, maintains a schedule of appointments for the Superintendent and makes arrangements for conferences, meetings and interviews. The Executive Assistant oversees the scheduling of all supervisory union board and central administration meetings and tracks and verifies the inclusion of required agenda items, especially annual required action items, in a timely manner each month. The Executive Assistant to the Superintendent acts as a liaison between the Superintendent and administrative staff in screening and routing inquiries and requests and performs other duties as may be assigned by the Superintendent.


Sandy Judd (, Ext. 2010

The NCSU Central Office Receptionist answers phones and transfers appropriately; greets visitors; assists with all elementary school and secondary school board mailings; assists office personnel as directed; balances scholarship accounts; orders office supplies; assists in monitoring of school registers for all schools; maintains a database for all employment openings and applicants; creates monthly office calendars; enters sick leave for elementary and secondary schools; and assists bookkeepers as required.

School Nurse Leader

Lindy Perry, Ext. 2045

School Nurse Liaison

Kristy Pillsbury (

Truancy Officer

Kevin Charboneau (; 334-7921, Ext. 3148

Business Department

Director of Business and Finance

Glenn Hankinson (, Ext. 2013

The Director of Business and Finance advises and assists schools with financial planning, budgeting, human resources, benefits, legal issues, financial reporting, bid documents, contracts, services, audits, facilities and insurance, while providing these same services to North Country Supervisory Union (NCSU). The Director attends board meetings and assists with other requests as needed.

Business Administrative Assistant

Theresa Miller (, Ext. 2012

Theresa Miller supports the business office staff as our administrative assistant. Along with a myriad of administrative duties, Theresa maintains life and long term disability records and payments. She oversees the liability insurance for all schools in NCSU, including claims assistance and the annual insurance renewal process. Theresa also coordinates water testing, asbestos compliance, facilities management, and maintains bus driver files for the entire district.

Staff Accountant

April Touchette (, Ext. 2016

April Touchette facilitates year-long communication with auditors and prepares all required records and reports for the eleven external audits. She reviews the audits after completion and makes adjustments as required. April works with our banks in overseeing risk management and investments. She completes payroll and the reporting functions for NCSU. April oversees the financial requirements, both bookkeeping and reporting, of federal and state grants.

Finance Assistants:

Diane Binette (, Ext. 2019

Diane Binette is responsible for the bookkeeping, payroll, and accounts payable functions for NCUHS, NCCC, and NCUJHS. She handles all cash transactions and completes all required forms and reports. She also provides direct support to all staff with business office related employment issues. Diane works closely with the management staff at the NCUHS, NCCC, and NCUJHS.

Jessica Therrien (, Ext. 2036

Jessica Therrien is responsible for Charleston, Coventry, Lowell, Troy and the 21C ENCORE after school program payrolls. She completes all reporting necessary to support these payroll functions. Jessica also processes accounts receivable invoices to our school districts.

Debbie Brunelle (, Ext. 2037

Debbie Brunelle is responsible for accounts payable and the monthly financial reporting for all seven of the town school districts we serve. She also provides support to the Coventry and Charleston school districts in their budget process and monthly meetings. Debbie processes NCUHS/NCCC/NCUJHS payroll and maintains the NCSU Section 125 payments.

Amy Lucas-Brasseur (, Ext. 2027

Amy Lucas Brasseur provides payroll services to the Brighton and Holland school districts as well as processes accounts payable for NCSU and NCUHS/NCUJHS/NCCC. She also completes all reporting necessary to support these payroll and accounts payable functions.

Diane Govoni, (, Ext. 2023, Finance/Grant Assistant

Wanda Morse (, Ext. 2076, Child Nutrition Liaison/Finance Assistant

Wanda Morse is the Child Nutrition Liaison for North Country Supervisory Union. Since Wanda has worked in the Food Service department, she has a wide range of skills and knowledge in this field. Wanda manages our financial software program and assists with Accounts Payable functions.

Learning Design Department

Director of Learning Design

Jessica Applegate (, Ext. 2024

The Director of Learning Design is the coordinator of the Consolidated Federal Titles Program and is the director of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction; works with teacher leaders and other teacher teams; provides professional development services and research services to schools; is a consultant on education issues; and is the ESL Coordinator.

Learning Design Administrative Assistant

Jen Federico (, Ext. 2023

The Learning Design Administrative Assistant coordinates workshop enrollments; manages purchase orders; codes invoices of CFP and EPSDT grants; oversees Curriculum Center room reservations; monitors "borrowing library" (laptops, software, resource books); coordinates arrangements for Northwoods Stewardship Educational Program; coordinates Parapro Assessment Testing; and oversees EPSDT Time Management and quarterly reports.

Project Director - Encore After School and Summer Program (21st Century Grant)

Beth Chambers (, Ext. 2033

Beth Chambers manages all aspects of the 21st Century Grant and oversees ENCORE after-school programming in Brighton, Charleston, Coventry, Derby, Holland, Jay/Westfield, Lowell, Morgan, Newport Town, Troy and NCUJHS.

Equity and Community Outreach Coordinator/Homeless Liaison

Samantha Stevens (, Ext. 2047

Instructional Specialists (Coaches):

Literacy Instructional Specialist: Nicole Gaboriault (, Ext. 2017

Mathematics Instructional Specialist: Heidi Whipple (, Ext. 2075

Science Instructional Specialist: Jessica Tetreault (, Ext. 2075

Technology Integration Instructional Coach: Carol Rowell (, Ext. 2075

NCSU Instructional Specialists mentor teachers new to the profession or new to working in the North Country Schools system. They collaborate with other supervisory union coaches and the Director of Learning Design. Instructional Specialists assist schools and individual teachers in the development, implementation, and analysis of assessments. They help schools articulate and implement comprehensive, balanced curriculum programs and design and facilitate professional development opportunities for classroom teachers. The specialists work with students who have unique learning needs and recommend appropriate instructional practices, as well as demonstrate best instructional practice through modeling and coaching. They collaborate with other teacher leaders and the Vermont Agency of Education to develop, align, and evaluate state, regional, and district initiatives. The Instructional Specialists also perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Learning Design or the Superintendent.

ELL Teacher

Jonathan Heinrichs (, Ext. 2075

Human Resources Department

Human Resources Coordinator

Nancy Griffith (, Ext. 2011

The HR Coordinator manages the human resources office operations; establishes checks and balances between payroll and personnel operations; reconciles active employees to benefit memberships, board approved salaries to actual, etc. Develops timelines for budget, agenda and recruitment preparation. Keeps the Superintendent informed of human resource issues. Annually prepares a listing of all professional staff by school/department indicating licensure, HQT and teaching assignment; highlighting those that are not compliant to regulations. Coordinates employee orientation/training programs with appropriate management/administration. Works closely with schools assisting staff/administration in understanding and implementing human resource related policies and procedures. Promotes equality and diversity as part of the culture of the organization. Coordinates with the administration in recruiting staff: developing job descriptions, preparing advertisements, checking application forms, ensuring budget appropriations for positions, scanning applications to ensure compliance to job requirements, and group interviewing when appropriate. Meets with the Director of Business periodically to ensure all required staff meet the safety requirements as outlined in federal and state regulations. Assists the Superintendent in developing policies, practices, standardized and the like on human resource issues. Maintains all employee and organization contracts/agreements. Completes salary/benefit comparisons/analysis as requested. Develops and manages SU human resources website. Manages all schools' personnel requirements. Maintains personnel records, sick leave, contracts, statement of intent, coursework, licensing issues, database and seniority lists for all schools. Maintains substitute list(s) for licensed and support staff for all schools. Other tasks as may be assigned.

Human Resources Assistant

Allyson Cota Folgherait (, Ext. 2014

The Human Resources Assistant assists with all tasks under the Human Resources Coordinator, including maintaining substitute and chaperone files, tracking background checks on all newly hired coaches, substitutes and chaperones and maintaining proper documentation. Maintains tuition, coursework and professional development documentation and files. Assists with Personnel data entry. Maintains new hire packets, yearly update of forms and financial requests for employees. Assists with COBRA/FMLA notifications, LTD applications and unemployment reports and requests. Facilitates employment application process, maintains mandated federal and State poster board and completes any other duties as assigned by the Superintendent or the Human Resources Coordinator.

Special Education Department


Director of Special Services, Leanne Desjardins (, Ext. 2021

Associate Director of Special Services, Richard Smith (, Ext. 2021

The Director and Associate Director supervise and coordinate special education programs for all students eligible to receive special education services based on state and federal regulations; provide leadership in establishing new programs; develop improved understanding of existing programs; evaluate existing programs and recommend changes and additions as needed. Provide input to principals in evaluating personnel serving in the special education area; serve as an on-going resource to the community, parents, administrators and educators regarding special education issues. Develop budget recommendations for the IDEA-B Grant and locally-funded special education programs. Provide expenditure control on established budgets for special services.

Special Services Administrative Assistant

Bonnie Hafemann (, Ext. 2021

The Special Services Administrative Assistant maintains correspondence for the Special Education department; reviews Special Education expenditure reports; maintains child count; coordinates service plans; IDEA-B; I-Team; Stepping Stones; and budgets; codes invoices and monitors spending; completes amendments; works with Medicaid Billing Clerks; and monitors Medicaid Reinvestment Funds.

NCUHS Associate Director of Special Education

Jessica Puckett (, 334-7921, Ext. 3017

Behavior Specialists/School Psychologist:

Kristin Beswick ( Ext. 2032

Liz Torres (

Karen Egan (

Celine Cote (

Brian Crego (

Camilla McKenzie (

Kassidee Keefe (

The School Psychologist and the Behavior Specialists observe individual students with behavioral challenges in their academic setting; consult with classroom teachers regarding behavioral observation; design and implement behavioral plans; assist with behavioral planning; consult with EST and IEP Teams. Provide administrative consultation; observe classrooms to assist with classroom management strategies; provide trainings to school personnel, community agencies and parents; serve on committees to advocate for a wider spectrum of educational opportunities; train educational staff in Crisis Prevention and Intervention; and consult with special educators and mentors regarding student needs and behavioral planning.

Special Education Consulting Teachers:

Jennifer Patenaude (, Ext. 2079

The Consulting Teacher is available to special educators and special education teams to support these individuals with all of their respective duties; provides guidance to assist with file management and compliance with Special Education Rules and Regulations related directly to the individual caseloads of the special educators; offers consultation related to the provision of specialized instruction and supports that align with individual student's needs; and offers workshop opportunities on a regular basis as a means of sharing information and professional development with the special educators at a local level.

Kathryn Whitaker (; Ext. 2081

Consulting teacher for autism and other neurodevelopment disabilities and assistive technology specialist. Provides consultation and training to school personnel, performs screening for autism spectrum disorders and provides assistance for on-going assessment for students with neurodevelopmental disabilities. Provides consultation for the selection of technology solutions for students with assistive technology (e.g. SOLO® Dragon Naturally Speaking, Alphasmart, etc.) or adaptive technology (e.g. speech generating devices, alternate input/switch).

Social Cognition Intervention Teacher

Caitlin Arcangeli, (, Ext. 2021

Evaluation Team, Ext. 2021:

Sharon Steadman, Evaluation Coordinator (

Kathleen VanGelder, Evaluation Specialist (

Donald Schabner, Evaluation Specialist (;

The Evaluation Team is responsible for multiple tasks related to comprehensive evaluations for students who qualify for special education services; administer standardized assessment tools for the purpose of evaluating academic and cognitive ability levels; score, interpret, report said assessments and report to Evaluation and Planning teams so decisions can be made regarding eligibility and program planning; are available to special educators to attend meetings, offer additional information/insight into results and/or the assessment tools utilized; and assist with the procedural components of the evaluation process.

Early Childhood Program Coordinator

Diane Nichols-Fleming (, Ext. 2046

Primary areas of responsibility: 1) Coordination and oversight of early childhood special education ("ECSE") in compliance with federal and state regulations; 2) Coordination and oversight over early childhood intervention services funded through Title I and Early Education Initiative ("EEI") in compliance with federal and state regulations; and 3) Coordination and oversight over the Family Infant Toddler Program (June 2008). These responsibilities include the maintenance and supervision of school-based preschool programs, consultation, and support to Head Start and other community-based early childhood care and education programs where eligible children are served. These responsibilities also include direct supervision and evaluation of ten licensed teachers and twelve support staff, and membership on effective service coordination teams such as the Early Childhood Support Team, Behavioral Support Team, Newport Early Action Team, and the Building Bright Futures regional team.

Special Services Assistant

Eric Bouchard (, Ext. 2021

Medicaid Clerks:

Cynthia Jordan (

Cynthia Adams (

The Medicaid Clerks complete Medicaid billing paperwork and submits to the Agency of Education. Trains and supports Special Education Teachers on the Medicaid process.

Technology Department

Director of Education Technology

Aime Forbes (,Ext. 2051

The technology department contributes to the development of the NCSU philosophy of education; supports NCSU policies related to technology including acceptable use. Keeps informed of all legal requirements governing the use of technology. Oversees the North Country Technology Advisory Group and Technology Plan, the Technology Support Services and Student Information System Support Services contracts. Assumes responsibility for compiling, maintaining, and filing all reports, records and other documents legally required or administratively useful. Provides training and generates data reports requested by administration, using sources such as PowerSchool and the Vermont Data Warehouse. Ensures efficient process for entry and analysis of local assessment data in an information system. Provides professional development for both professional and support staff. Provides instructional support and guidance for the integration of technology into all classrooms. Develops and implements a training program for building-level technology staff to support the integration of technology. Conducts an annual technology needs assessment. Seeks out and writes grant proposals to acquire technology and support its integration. Builds NCSU-wide collaboration around technology initiatives. Maintains a permanent inventory of equipment purchased by the supervisory union for technology. Makes recommendations regarding the selection, purchase, maintenance and upkeep of software, hardware, and support materials for both administrative and instructional functions. Assumes responsibility for own professional growth and development, for keeping current with the literature, new research findings and improved techniques and for attending appropriate professional meetings and conferences.

Desktop Support Technician at Large

Richard Ricciardi (, ext. 2074

Database/Technology Support at Large

Ashley Dewing (, ext. 2018

Network Support Specialist

Thomas Lemieux (, Ext. 2034