North Country Supervisory Union

NCSU Policies


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NCSU Common Board Policies:


    A.1 Role and Adoption of School Board Policies

    A.4 Administrative Procedure Development


    B.1 Board Meetings, Agenda Preparation and Distribution

    B.2 Public Participation at Board Meetings

    B.4 Board Member Conflict of Interest


    C.2 Conduct of School Board Meetings

    C.9 Notice of Non-Discrimination

         C.9P Complaints of Discrimination 2022


    D.1 Personnel Recruitment, Selection, Appointment, Criminal Record Checks

         D.1P Recruitment Procedure

    D.2 Professional Learning

    D.3 Job Descriptions

    D.4 Educator Supervision & Evaluation

    D.5 Personnel Files

    D.6 Substitute Teachers and Paraeducators

         D.6P Substitute Teacher Pay REVISED 8-17-23

    D.7 Volunteers and Work Study Students

    D.8 Alcohol and Drug-Free Workplace

    D.9 Resignations

    D.10 Public Complaints about Personnel

    D.11 Drug and Alcohol Testing Transportation Employees

    D.12 Harassment of Employees

         D.12P Harassment of Employees Procedure

    D.17 Professional Attire

    Employment Policy Manual for Central Office Staff, 2023 

    D.19 Non-Certified Staff, 2023 (Brighton, Charleston, Coventry, Jay-Westfield, Lowell, Newport Town, and NCSU Educational Support Staff)

    D.20 Conference and Workshop Policy 

    D.25 Superintendent Supervision and Evaluation

    D.27 HIPPA

    D.28 Electronic Communications Between Employees and Students


    E.1 Fiscal Management, Budgeting, Financial Accountability & Financial Reporting

    E.2 Capitalization of Assets

    E.4 Prevention of Conflict of Interest

    E.5 Risk Management

    E.6 Emergency Closings

             E.6P Emergency Closings Procedure (2)12.5.13

    E.7 School Crisis Prevention and Response

    E.9 Threats and Disruptions

    E.11 Travel Reimbursement

             E.11P Travel Reimbursement Procedure

             E.11P Travel Reimbursement Form

    E.12 Monitoring Devices on School Property

    E.13 Fire and Emergency Preparedness

    E.14 Access Control and Visitor Management

    E.16 Delinquent Payment for School Lunches

    E.21 Damage to School Property

    E.23 Playground Supervision

    E.24 Environmental Health Policy

         E.24P Environmental Health Procedure

    E.25 Energy Management Policy

    E.26 Tobacco Prohibition

         E.26P Tobacco Prohibition Procedure

    E.27 Electronic Communications Use and Retention

         E.27P Addendum Records Retention Schedule Procedure

    E.28 Procurement Card Use

         E.28P Procurement Card Use Procedure

    E.34 Nondiscriminatory Mascots and School Branding

    Food Service Procedures

         USDA Civil Rights Complaint Procedure

         Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) Claim Review Procedure



    F.1 Student Conduct and Discipline

          F.1P Student Conduct and Discipline Procedure

    F.2 English Learners

    F.3 Use of Restraint and Seclusion

         F.3 P1 Parent Notification Letter

F.4 Search and Seizure

    F.5 Interrogation or Searches of Students by Law Enforcement

    F.6 Education Records

         F.6P FERPA Model Notice 2016

    F.7 Student Safety

    F.9 Student Alcohol and Drugs

         F.9P Regulations Concerning the Use and Possession of Alcohol Beverages and Drugs by Students and the Public

    F.10 Reporting Suspected Child Abuse or Neglect

    F.11 Student Attendance

         F.11P Attendance, Absence, and Truancy Procedure

         F.11P Orleans County Student Engagement Team Referral Form

         F.11P Planned Absence Form

         F.11P Orleans County Student Engagement Team Memorandum of Understanding for Truancy Matters

         F.11a Military-Connected Students

    F.13 Student Activities - Elementary

    F.14 Student Clubs & Activities - Secondary

    F.15 Interscholastic Sports

    F.16 Admission of Resident Students 

         F.16P1 Admission of Resident Students Procedure

         F.16P2 Admission of Resident Students Residency Forms

    F.17 Admission of Nonresident Students

    F.18 Student Publications and Freedom of Expression in School-Sponsored Media

    F.19 Tuition Payment

    F.20 Pupil Privacy

    F.23 Hazing, Harassment, and Bullying

         F.23P Handling Complaints of Hazing, Harassment, and Bullying Procedure

    F.25 Student Assessment

    F.26 Firearms

    F.27 Home Study Students

    F.27P Home Study Students Procedure

         F.27P Home Study Student Denial of Participation Form

    F.28 Special Education - Extended School Year

    F.29 504 Rehabilitation Act

          504 Rehabilitation Act, 1. Procedures Implementing Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Disability Policy

    F.46 Special Education Services to Private School Students

    F.48 Kindergarten Entrance

    F.49 Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students

    F.50 Title IX: Prevention of Sexual Harassment as Prohibited by Title IX

    F.51 Students Experiencing Homelessness

    F.52 NCSU Equity Policy 

    F. 53 Section 504 & ADA Grievance Protocol for Students & Staff


    G.1 Curriculum Development and Coordination

    G.2 Copyrights

    G.3 Field Studies and Co-Curricular Field Trips    

         G.3P Field Studies and Co-Curricular Field Trips Procedure

    G.4 Selecting Library Materials

    G.5 Selection of Instructional Materials

         G.5P Handling Complaints of Instructional Materials Procedure

    G.7 Educational Support System

    G.8 Local Action Plan

    G.11 Responsible Use of Personal and District Devices for Network and Internet Use

    G.12 Title 1 Comparability Policy and Procedure

    G.16 Instructional Placement

    G.17 Animal Dissection

         G.17P Animal Dissection Procedure

    G.18 Class Size Policy

         G.18P SU-Wide Class Size Guidelines

   G.19 Special Education

         G.19 Vermont Special Education Procedures and Practices Manual


    H.2 Community Use of School Facilities

         H.2P Building Use Form and Rules

    H.3 Public Solicitations Advertising in Schools.pdf

         H.3P Fundraiser Request Form

    H.8 Title 1 Part A Parental Involvement



    I.1 School Bus Transportation.pdf

    I.3 Transportation by Other Persons

         I.3P  Transportation by Other Persons: Procedure

    I.6 Limited Idling of School Buses.pdf

    I.7 Idling Vehicles other than Buses.pdf

    NCSU Transportation Compliance Plan


    Condom Availability Procedure

    J.1P Animals at School

    J.2P Communicable Diseases

    J.3 HIV: PreK-12

    J.4 Student Medication.pdf   

    J.5P Immunizations

    J.6 Head Lice.pdf (excluding Newport Town)

    J.6 Head Lice, Newport Town ONLY

    J.7 Nutrition.pdf