NCUHS School Board

NCUHS School Board

  • Rose Mary Mayhew, Troy, Chair of the Board

  • Peter Moskovites, Charleston, Vice Chair of the Board

  • Rick Geisel, Derby, Clerk of the Board

  • David Yasharian, Brighton

  • Richard Nelson, Derby

  • Scott Boskind, Derby

  • Jennifer Harlow, Holland

  • Le-Ann Tetrault, Jay

  • Hilary Elmer, Lowell

  • Vacant Position, Morgan

  • Wendy McGillivray, Newport City

  • Richard Cartee, Newport City

  • Tim Cartee, Newport City

  • Dwight Brunnette, Newport Town

  • Shawn Baraw, Westfield

2020-21 NCUHS Committee Structure

2018-2019 Warnings/Agendas/Minutes: