Health Information

Please read the following for information on how to update and review Health information NCSU schools maintain on your child/children.

North Country Supervisory Union Schools has recently installed the SNAP Health Parent Portal for parents/guardians to review and update their children's health information. Once your child is pre-registered/registered and you have provided an email address, each school's Nurse can assign the primary caregiver access to the SNAP Health Parent Portal. When the email address is assigned, the primary caregiver will receive a password from this sender,, to login to the SNAP Health Parent Portal. Please do not delete this email!

Once the email with the password is received, please go to this website:, and use your email address and the password provided to login. Once you have logged in, you have the option to change your password.

For a tutorial on how to use the SNAP Health Parent Portal, visit SNAP Health Parent Portal.