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NCSU FAQ - January 6, 2022

Q: If an infectious individual is unable to isolate away from the rest of the unvaccinated family, can those members test out of isolation on day 6 after they return to school?

A: Continuous exposure guidance remains the same. If the infectious person is unable to isolate away from other household members, those contacts will not be able to begin quarantine until the last day (day 5) of the positive person's isolation.

Q: Does the 90-day rule still apply (no need to test or quarantine if you are a close contact within 90 days of having tested positive)?

A: The 90-day rule remains unchanged.

Q: How does this change the Test to Stay guidelines? Are we still expected to test through day 7 or does the testing timeframe change to "test through day 5" with these new guidelines?

A: Test to Stay will now be conducted for 5 days

Q: Boosters: Do you have to wait 2 weeks after receiving your booster to be considered fully vaccinated again?

A: Yes, 2 weeks post-booster is considered fully boosted.

Q: Day 0 vs day 1: I would consider the first day of symptoms "day 1". Am I correct in this thinking or is this considered "day 0"?

A: Symptom onset is Day 0. So, if I began having symptoms on 1/3, I would isolate 1/3-1/8. I'd be able to resume normal activities on 1/9 as long as my symptoms have resolved, I am feeling better, and I am fever free for 24 hours (if I ever had a fever) without the use of fever-reducing medication. In resuming normal activities on day 6, I would also be required to mask until 10 full days are up.


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