North Country Supervisory Union

NCSU Technology

NCSU Technology Support for Families and Staff

If you or your child/student need support, we can provide it remotely.

Please contact the NCSU IT Department.

Our hours of operation are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM


Phone (802)334-5847 ext 2018 or (802)334-0918

NCSU Student Remote Computer Support


During this unusual time period we will be setting up remote support and an on call schedule.

The slideshow above is the instructions for receiving remote desktop support via Google Remote Desktop.

For immediate support, please email

A call in number will be posted shortly

Director of Education Technology:

  • Aime Forbes, 334-5847 ext 2051

Desktop Support:

  • Schools:Richard Ricciardi, 334-5847 ext 2074

Database/Desktop Support:

  • Ashley Dewing, 334-5847 ext 2018

Network Support

  • Thomas Lemieux, 334-5847 ext 2034


  • Aime Forbes, 334-5847 ext 2051

  • Ashley Dewing, 334-5847 ext 2018

The Technology Department's role is to provide the infrastructure, hardware and software support necessary for the delivery of telecommunications based educational content and technical support for administrative and business operations.

  • Coordinates NCSU-wide collaboration around technology initiatives.

  • Contributes to the development of NCSU policies related to technology including Responsible Use.

  • Maintains Student Information System Support Services contracts.

  • Manages internet access for NCSU Schools

  • Maintains Video Conferencing infrastructure and end user equipment

  • Maintains and operates SU wide server systems

  • Manages and coordinates cloud based services, email and websites

  • Manages E-Rate program and coordinates telecommunications support contracts

  • Coordinates permanent inventory of equipment purchased by the Supervisory Union for technology.

  • Recommends regarding the selection, purchase, maintenance and upkeep of software, hardware, and infrastructure for both administrative and instructional functions.